How To Style Your Lingerie


Add a bit of romance to your everyday garb with lingerie. Yes, it’s now acceptable to bring boudoir to the streets. While the idea of wearing undergarments as clothing may sound a bit risqué or intimidating, there are simple ways to try this trend and look fashionable without feeling uncomfortable. Read on to learn how you can turn your beloved bras, underwear and slip dresses into alluring yet chic outerwear.   

1. Lacy Bodysuit

A lace lingerie bodysuit can take an outfit to the next level. Pair this chic little number with jeans for an everyday look with a hint of sultriness. It easily replaces a simple white tee and looks sleek — you can even balance it out with a modest blazer.

This piece also works well for a night out. Simply pair a lacy bodysuit with leather pants or a skirt, swipe on some lipstick and you’re good to go. For those that enjoy layering, consider adding a minidress over a long-sleeve bodysuit for a unique look.

2. Pretty Bralette

Ditch the basic nude bra for a pretty bralette. Play peek-a-boo with this piece by wearing it under a sheer top. This is one of the simplest ways to try the lingerie trend. For example, you can wear a black bralette under a sheer white shirt with light-wash jeans. If you want to be more modest, you can even try wearing it under a white cotton tee or shimmering top.

For those who feel confident rocking this trend, you can try this idea on the lower half of your body. For example, consider sporting dark-colored, high-top panties under a sheer skirt for a chic yet spicy look.

3. Lacy Slip Dress

Transform a silky slip dress into a more casual piece by wearing it with a cardigan or jean jacket. You can make this daytime look even more comfortable with white sneakers.

Moreover, you can also take a lacy slip dress from day to night by throwing on a longline blazer or long coat and some heels. During the colder months, you can even wear a slip dress with skinny jeans or leggings underneath. Slip dresses are versatile and can go with just about anything!

4. Bustier Top

This shapewear top can easily be turned into an everyday look. For example, you can pair it with baggy jeans for a comfortable yet alluring outfit, or get creative by layering a bustier over a white shirt or blouse. Dress it up with some skinny jeans and pumps. For an elegant and polished look, pair this piece with trousers and a blazer.

5. Lace-Trim Camisole

Can you sport the lingerie trend at the office? The answer is yes. However, you may want to avoid wearing an undergarment that’s too skimpy. For example, consider rocking a camisole with lace trim under a blazer. When paired with trousers, it can make a tasteful work outfit. The lace trim adds a bit of romance to the ensemble without being too revealing or going overboard.

6. Silk Robe

Who says robes are only for lounging around the house? They’re the ultimate in luxury and can most definitely be worn as a chic clothing piece. Simply swap a cardigan or blazer with a silk robe. Pair it with jeans and a tank top for a comfortable ensemble.

Don’t keep your pretty undergarments tucked away: Incorporating silky and lacy lingerie into your outfits is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and can even give you a confidence boost. If you’re a little intimidated to wear these pieces in public, try starting small by exposing lace edges from under a sweater. Anyone can try this chic trend!


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