The Broken CEO: Business Expert’s Game Changing Book Advocates Knowing Yourself is Key to Your Evolution into Leader


With an ever increasing array of business self-help books all professing to show the way to leadership enlightenment, there are really only a handful of guides that do what they say on the can.

And The Broken CEO is one of them.

Empathetic, surprisingly entertaining and most importantly, easy to understand, Chris Pearse’s approach to become a true business leader isn’t based on intellect and attending the best business schools; but rather on the fundamental that true leadership is achieved by self-leadership and self-awareness.

Generously sharing his wisdom on practical realities including vision, purpose, culture, delegation, integrity and resilience, the author recommends reading his four part guide in the order it is written to gain the greatest benefit. 

With one Amazon reader saying The Broken CEO is the perfect guide to the human side of leadership, the message is clear for aspiring and improving leaders – read this book.


Do you long to transform the stress, conflict and survival of leadership into fulfilment, meaning and success? Are you tired of always running but never arriving? Do you yearn for another way of working and leading?

Drawing on decades of leadership experience, Chris Pearse presents a no-nonsense guide to fixing these issues, helping you to be the leader you really want to be.

In this book, Pearse redefines the responsibilities of leadership by shifting the focus from the outer world of operations and processes to the inner world of thinking, feeling and relationships.

Leadership starts with self, and without self- awareness the leader faces an uphill struggle to lead others. The book is packed with realistic and relevant case studies and punchy chapter summaries.

The Broken CEO will show you how to:

  • Boost your performance with less effort – achieve more by doing less
  • Master stress before it masters you – and compromises your wellbeing
  • Transform conflict – yours and others’ – into creative collaboration
  • Get the quality of rest you need for your best work – with a clear and focused mind
  • Clarify your personal and professional purpose to inspire and engage
  • Delegate the one thing most leaders won’t let go of that holds everyone back
  • Establish yourself as your point of reference – your own source of wisdom and inspiration
  • Stop being a broken CEO!

Get your copy now to be the leader you always wanted to be.

The author says:

“Leadership starts with self. We all have a life to lead – leading an organisation is simply an extension of that. Self-leadership is key and is facilitated through self-awareness well beyond just knowing your personality type. ‘Know Thyself’ is the formula.

“The Broken CEO does not purport to give you all the answers. In fact it quite possibly raises more questions than it does answer them. This is deliberate. Although answers are needed in the world of work and leadership, we often do ourselves a disservice by seizing on answers without due consideration to the questions they emerge from. Questions open up the mind to possibilities – answers shut it down. I don’t know is a truly powerful state of mind, which will engage curiosity and invite knowledge and wisdom to flow. I know excludes all alternatives.”

Receiving positive feedback, reviews include:

“If this book helps some to look for greater team capacity to share the burden, and guides others to truly believe in finding daily peace in order to be more effective to lead, and even causes some to honestly assess whether the stress is a price worth paying, then I’m grateful that Chris Pearse has found the guiding tools we all need to speak truth to ourselves and to build a better world for others, because we are better people both inside and outside. (from foreword)” – Lord Dr Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE

“This is a clear, thoughtful and stimulating book, which will be of real, practical value not only to ‘broken CEOs’, but to all CEOs and those in positions of senior management.” – Guy Perricone, CEO, Inn of Court

“The knowledge in this book will show you how to reconnect with yourself and discover what makes you a stronger, more confident leader in any capacity.” – Chris Lamb – FD, Internet Service Provider

“Insightful, focused and crystal clear, Chris understands the personal challenges a CEO faces and proposes simple, effective strategies for addressing them”- Dean Orgill, Chairman, Law Firm

Garnering five-star reviews, Amazon readers say:

“Chris Pearse helps you understand the inner workings of your mind and how to manage it. We are all leaders and self-leadership is where it starts. Expect to break the negative thought patterns and feel more empowered.” Maria Hvorostovsky

“As a founder, CEO and business leader, I could identify with many of the observations made by Chris in his book. But this book is for everyone, not just CEO’s or leaders as the title might suggest. He challenges you to think differently, rejecting some social norms. For example, we often talk about work-life balance. So does that mean when we’re at work, we’re not living? We should be as alive and motivated at work as we are outside of it. This is just one of many perspectives where Chris encourages us to think differently. Not wanting to spoil it for you, buy the book and learn it directly.” Gavin Tweedie

Independently published, The Broken CEO is available in paperback (£13.95) and Kindle format (£6.95 or free via Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at and


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