GloHouse Media Appoints Scorpion Vision


GloHouse Media, the daughter company of the Jargon Group and agency of choice for automation manufacturers in the packaging and processing industry, has today announced its appointment by Scorpion Vision, a UK-based provider of vision components and inspection camera systems. The partnership will see GloHouse Media work to significantly raise the profile of Scorpion Vision in automation, food manufacturing and vision trade press whilst bolstering the brand’s credibility through a range of PR tactics including trade show support. 

Scorpion Vision is an expert in image processing solutions, and leading the way to fast-track automation of historically manual picking, packing, and trimming tasks in factories. The brand’s massive portfolio of cameras and lenses means that it is able to offer solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands who use imaging in their product development. The brand works with a number of industries, including instrumentation manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, food and drink and the AUV/drone industry. 

GloHouse Media will partner with Scorpion Vision in a PR campaign that will build awareness of the brand throughout its markets through a frequent pipeline of press releases and media features. In addition, GloHouse will work to drive high levels of market credibility towards the company, utilising thought leaderships to showcase Scorpion Vision’s spokespeople as experts in their field. This will be paired with case studies of the brand’s successes, as well as blogs to position the brand as the go to vision system for robotics and factory automation. 

Kirsty Sharpe, Founder of GloHouse Media commented: “It’s a PR’s dream to help a cutting-edge business like Scorpion adapt its ‘tech-talk’ into a meaningful narrative. In an era where a factory workforce is becoming a scarce and increasingly expensive resource, vision will come into its own for factory owners needing robust control and inspection of consumer foods and products.”

Paul Wilson, Managing Director at Scorpion Vision commented: “GloHouse is unique in their ability to understand the business sector in which we operate. We’ve worked with many external agencies over the years and have had mixed results. It’s refreshing to be working with the GloHouse team as they have the specialist knowledge that means they understand our language and the creative ability to turn what we say into something that will have an impact.”


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