Traditional Sports and Games gives exposure to opportunities that mainstream sports can’t provide


What are Traditional sports and games?

In the purest sense, they are traditional sports and games of our culture, from dancing to ball games to water sports. But they are much more than that. TSG is an important part of our history and helps us and our diverse cultures who we are today. TSG tells the story of our past, transcending gender, generational and individual differences, which is impossible for anything else. At its core, TSG is localized and regional and should be seen as the necessary counterpart to today’s globalized mass sports and culture, on par with language, music, literature, and architecture. TSG is an opportunity to enjoy diversity and community in an increasingly globalized world.

Traditional sports and competitions provide unique opportunities that conventional sports may not have. They are generally based on fun and participation rather than competition and connect more important things beyond sports and physical activities.

These two elements are very important in reaching people who may not participate in mainstream sports, especially in providing positive sports and physical activity experiences for children.

Why International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) hosted TSG on 14 August 2021?

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) is the official umbrella organization for all traditional sports and games and the organizer of traditional sports games and international sports-related associations. Hence, ICTSP declares 14, August as the international day of TSG.

The main objective is to help all relevant and interested governmental and non-governmental countries and regional and international organizations coordinate their efforts and capacities to provide guidance, advice, and sustain related initiatives and programs with tradition. Sports and games for policymakers, stakeholders, and other stakeholders.

The ICTSG’s initiative to organize TSG activities is part of the plan to protect and promote the TSG, which aims to ensure that traditional sports and games become an integral part of cultural development in a multi-level manner.

The mission of the ICTSG is to promote and develop TSG as a category distinct from modern sports and promote the understanding of TSG as a cultural identity and diversity.

Therefore, its main function is to prioritize promoting and raising awareness about the challenges and dilemmas that require decision-making, actions, and practical measures in different geographical, cultural, and educational contexts. In addition, it will help share TSG-related knowledge, knowledge, information, and data on different levels of incentives and regulatory needs or initiatives, thus helping to promote TSG development and promotion at the local, national, regional, and international levels.

The ICTSG is also committed to promoting and raising awareness of cultural diversity and respect for cultural identity in a globalized world where values, knowledge, skills and behaviors are constantly changing in the context of new problems and new challenges.

What are the aims of ICTSG by organizing TSG and declaring 14 August as the international day for celebrating TSG?

The Traditional Sports Games is one of the projects overseen by ICTSG. It is an initiative of the UNESCO Advisory Council and approved by UNESCO. These games will be the first of their kind while promoting tourism, local traditions, and the host country’s culture.

Anti-Doping in Traditional Sports 

In today’s highly competitive sports environment, athletes and athlete support personnel are under increasing pressure to win at all costs. The ICTSG and the UNESCO Convention against Doping in Sport are committed to maintaining fair sports and protecting young people who participate in traditional sports from illegal drugs.


“International Traditional Sports Day” One of the most important events of the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games held in the month of August virtually. It was attended by more than 600 participants from 90 countries including Sports Ministers, government officials, representatives of UNESCO, Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS), Permanent Delegations, ILO, The United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), Researcher, International Organizations, and Indigenous Groups around the world.

ICTSG and its Member States through their respective ministries after having Consultation Meetings agreed to enhance the diffusion of TSG knowledge and declared 14th August as “INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL SPORTS DAY”. In this regard, events held in every country under the umbrella of the Council to highlight and promote their local traditional sports and games and historical culture which was portrayed globally through the platform of ICTSG virtually due to Covid19 restrictions


ICTSG hosts the General Conference on Traditional Sports in virtually four sessions.

I)Ministerial Session

II) Ambassadors/NATCOM Session

III) Gender Equality and Women empowerment through TSG

IV)Revival & Development of TSG at the National level

Many prominent figures attended the meeting of the 4th Collective Consultation Meeting of TSG, Traditional Games and Sports (TSG) including UNESCO international experts, Marceline Dally, secretary of the International Convention against Doping in Sport, Khalil Khan President ICTSG, Shammi Rana Secretary-General ICTSG, Philipp Muller-Wirth Executive Officer for Sport and Youth Section Sector for Social and Human Sciences UNESCO, Rosa Rakotozafy, Chairperson Intergovernmental Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS), Joel Bouzou, Ambassador-at-Large ICTSG, President and Founder of Peace and Sport, Valerio De Divitiis, Coordinator, Global Sports Programme of the United Nations of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), Viktoria Racheva Slavkova, Director of European Programs, Projects and International Cooperation, Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bulgaria, Mr. Giovanni Di Cola, Special Adviser Member Executive Board, PCTSG DDG/FOP of International Labor Organization (ILO), Mohammed Hamimaz, Sports Director of the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports of Morocco, Jamshidbek Khasanov, Head of Department, Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Uzbekistan, Destar Zeogar Wilson, Minister of Youth and Sports of Liberia, Richo Padhi Vice President Indian Olympic Association, Sarjit Singh Sekhon, Raj Rathore, Mr. Aman Kumar Sharma, Member Advisory Committee ICTSG, Prof Ravi Sahu, Harpal Singh, Parveen Garg, Tarsem Sharma. 

My warmest greetings to the International Council of Traditional Sports and Games (ICTSG) celebrates International Traditional Sports and Games Day. This event is a testament to the noble advocacy of ICTSG and the whole of UNESCO to foster peace, openness, and unity among nations. Through the revival of traditional sports and games, we recognize the world’s unique and rich cultures while appreciating one’s own heritage. May this occasion inspire our people to embrace diversity and ignite a sense of pride in their culture. Through sportsmanship and camaraderie, we can develop an intercultural understanding that will further lead us towards greater harmony and progress. Let us also take this opportunity to promote gender equality and empowerment as well as inclusivity. I am hopeful that our unrelenting pursuit for world peace will lead to genuine and lasting progress within societies and nations. I wish you a meaningful the event said, ‘Rodrigo Roa Duterte the President of the Philippines’

Michael Wood, Minister of Transport, Minister for Workplace Relations and Safety, Deputy Leader of the House, New Zealand said,” I wanted to take this opportunity to say congratulations to the organizers of the International Traditional Sports and Games Day for putting together such a tremendous celebration of culture and sport. To see so many countries participate, you wouldn’t believe it is possible in times like these. This event offers a platform to audiences and stakeholders around the world who wish to participate in the day either physically or virtually. My best wishes for a wonderful day to the organizers and participants.”

I am happy to know that August 14th has been declared as the International traditional Sports and Games Day. This will provide an opportunity for all TSG stakeholders to organize physical and virtual activities,” said Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister, Government of India

The International Council of Traditional Sports and Games, or ICTSG, is the official umbrella organization for all traditional sports and indigenous games and organizers of traditional sports games and sport-related international associations. It also facilitates the understanding of TSG in terms of cultural identity and diversity. It gives exposure to opportunities that mainstream sports can’t provide, sai“Shammi Rana Secretary General International Council of Traditional Sports and Games”